BRT (Bible Reading Times)

Bible Reading Times was started by Pastor David (PD) as a way to inspire us to explore God’s gift of the Bible to us. Each week small groups meet at designated places to take a book of the Bible verse by verse and break it down to truly understand what it means. These informal gathering times of learning, sharing thoughts, and asking questions have challenged us to think outside of “the box”.  These special times have served as an important foundation of spiritual growth for us as PD lays the framework of the verse according to historical timelines, culture, and general history.  Participants would gladly share that this continues to be a blessing as his guidance helps us understand how God continues to speak to us today through His Word. These learning and sharing experiences are for everyone – for the new believer as well as for those who have grown up in the church. You need not to be a member to share in the fun!  Bring a friend, bring your Bible (whatever version you prefer) and come learn with us.


Monday mornings 10:30   in the lounge –

Wednesday mornings 11:00 in the lounge (men only)– 

Wednesday evenings 6:30 in the lounge –